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TCB Farms is a place of learning and development, and we know blogging is an essential component to digital marketing. Thus, it’s a vital tool for sharing relevant educational and informative contents about our business and industry.

We also understand the internet is filled with a lot informational contents that can easily over whelm readers. However, there is a gap in finding simple and practical based contents created by experienced professionals in the Agric business sector.

As such, TCB Farms blog is the beginning of a journey about meaningful content and with the mindset of being the most preferred source of relevant and valuable contents related to Agric business, livestock, fisheries and crop production.

This is intended to position our brand as a leading voice in the Agric business space and related endeavors. Our brand voice is friendly clear and concise.



Our goal is to be the preferred hub for relevant valuable and juicy content within the agricultural sector. We aim to regularly create interesting and engaging content on our blog. These contents would largely be based on Agric business, technical guides, how to and useful information about agriculture as a whole and how to start and grow a profitable Agric business.

As a matter of priority, we hope to provide our audience with value for their time and improve their knowledge on Agric matters through promoting local content specific to their needs and climate. Our people are experienced young professionals with lots of technical know-how and extensive business acumen. A perfect blend for value.

Our topic category includes agricultural steps, easy farming techniques, investment opportunities, product market, tools and technology platforms. Our approach will be very practical and result driven.

We will also share news, industry updates and statistics about the Agric business sector and agriculture in general. eBooks , Guides, White papers e.tc would be rolled out subsequently.



Our audience target are majorly youths and young adult between the ages of 18 to 55 who are constantly seeking for relevant /valuable information for personal and professional growth. Also, individuals with no knowledge in Agric business but hope to learn and eventually become knowledgeable and skillful in Agricultural operations will find this blog useful.

We also aim to build trust and mutually beneficial relationship within our audience in the long run. We expect that our ideas and topics will come up along the way and hope you will find them relevant.



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